DMA featuring Relay42: Customer Engagement 2016 Event

DMA featuring Relay42: Customer Engagement 2016 Event

Marketers already feel the necessity of data-driven marketing. Every piece of the business landscape points to the urgency in connecting with customers through smarter data management; the explosion of ways we can reach consumers, a shift in customer behaviour, and the subsequent digital transformation of brands and their services over the past decade.

We’re excited sponsors of the DMA’s 2016 Customer Engagement event, offering a deep dive into what makes customers tick. This sits at the centre of a bigger campaign which will produce groundbreaking research and invaluable insights for marketers in reaching number one – the consumer.

Held on Tuesday 14th June at London’s British Museum, the culmination of this campaign will be a whole day dedicated to:

  • Revealing insightful research results to define what makes great grounds for customer engagement
  • Examining how creativity, data and technology can add up to create consumer outreach which is greater than the sum of its parts
  • Hearing personal accounts from marketers who are hitting the engagement mark, sharing practical, transferable takeaways on how their learnings could work for other brands and agencies

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