Customer story: ABN AMRO Customer story: ABN AMRO

Customer story: ABN AMRO

ABN AMRO’s agile transformation towards connecting every customer journey


ABN AMRO is a relationship-driven, knowledgeable and digitally savvy bank. Active largely in Northwest Europe, they offer select expertise globally. Serving over 7.8 million customers across the world, its long-term strategy stands firm: client oriented; investing in the future; maintaining a moderate risk profile; and pursuing sustainable growth.

The ambition: Pursuing sustainable growth through personalized marketing

To ABN AMRO, personalized marketing and services is a logical outcome of their objectives in enhancing customer experiences, strengthening customer relationships and improving efficiency.

ABN AMRO’s vision to be client oriented and to pursue sustainable growth drove the need for profound digital transformation – not only on an IT infrastructure level, but on an organizational level too. This meant they chose to start their digital transformation mission with people – digital experts.

The solution: Mirroring & extending offline & online interactions

Frank Verkerk, Chief Digital Officer at ABN AMRO and his team needed to extend ABN AMRO’s smart digital outreach to customers beyond a one-dimensional, siloed approach, and without delay.

To strengthen customer relationships in the digital universe which would mirror and extend the offline world, ABN AMRO connected data from all sources using the Relay42 DMP; to orchestrate one-to-one customer interactions on every touch-point.

Since these interactions took place in real-time, the bank used the DMP to create a frictionless customer experience, and an optimal path to conversion for the right product – in the best context.

Results: Starting fast to deliver consistent customer-centric wins

Working alongside ABN AMRO’s dedicated team, Relay42 set up the DMP for their required real-time orchestration within 3 months.

Up and running to deliver fast results and customer journeys, this retail bank is now focused on activating more touch points across their growing external marketing landscape. From Search to Display, to Social Media and Customer Service Centre, ABN AMRO is dedicated to enhancing customer experience. And by automating their interactions based on each customer’s interest and intent, they can also reduce advertising waste.

Create your own revolution in customer-centric marketing

Create your own revolution in customer-centric marketing

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