Customer story: KLM Customer story: KLM

Customer story: KLM

How KLM lifted conversion rate with smart marketing and DMP technology

Marketing has evolved into a paradox. Now, businesses need to connect the dots across customer journeys, with technology, by following their data trails in order to deliver.

For global airline KLM, this means reaching the right person, with the right message, in the best context, at the precise moment they need to be nudged along their journey. In this success story you can read how KLM achieved:


*The figures shown are a representative sample of initial campaign results.

The challenge: balancing customer-first vision with smarter decisioning

KLM sought to achieve the best of both worlds. But to deliver incremental business value whilst serving relevant content to customers, they would need to map movements – and orchestrate actions – across biddable media, owned channels, offline & internal systems.

The solution: orchestrating data-driven experiments with the Relay42 DMP

Connecting the Relay42 Data Management Platform (DMP) with KLM’s marketing channels helped their teams to orchestrate entire customer journeys based on individual actions. From creating cross-channel logic which serves customers on their preferred channel, to building on context to consider individual booking intent – KLM’s approach yielded results.

Read the full eBook on KLM's practical vision for marketing

Read the full eBook on KLM's practical vision for marketing

A marketing leader at KLM describes in greater detail the airline's steps towards activating new breed of marketing, increasing revenue and engagement through DMP technology, data and innovative thinking.