Customer story: NS Customer story: NS

Customer story: NS

NS increases conversions with hyper-personalization at scale

NS is the Dutch national hub for public transport, with nearly 35,000 employees and an annual turnover of €5 billion. With an ambition to deliver service and personally relevant marketing to each customer – yet interacting with 4 million visitors per month – they needed a way to centralize and scale the delivery.

Relay42 offered the right solution; to automate and orchestrate the marketing execution of NS, with remarkable results.

Key results:

More wins, less waste

NS first turned their hyper-personalization efforts to their website and later expanded to other customer touchpoints. The Relay42 DMP activated tailored messaging, smartened through connected data with messaging varying from relevant offers to service updates – which converted customers more effectively.

At the same time, the marketing team was also able to save unnecessary budget spend which may have been wasted on primitive re-targeting of all NS visitors, without a layer of intelligence from the DMP.

This ability to distribute messages effectively with Relay42 resulted in a Conversion Rate uptake of +14.9%. 

Orchestrating a seamless journey

The growing connections of the DMP allowed the NS marketing team to not only target customers via email, but also serve them personalized offers in real-time on other channels they had interacted with – whether this involved touch-points like website, display networks or even television.

With Relay42, the orchestration of a seamless journey across multiple touch-points is achievable for NS.

In this case, it resulted in a 776% increase in Click-through Rate on the personalized website homepage. 


How NS achieved this? Read the detailed customer story

How NS achieved this? Read the detailed customer story

Where does marketing end, and customer service begin? For NS, the two come hand-in-hand: it’s about creating journeys which matter on a one-to-one basis.

Discover how NS connected their marketing channels with the Relay42 DMP to deliver on their customer-centric vision.