Customer story: Nuon Customer story: Nuon

Customer story: Nuon

How utilities leader Nuon powered customer retention and contract value

This national energy company switched their strategy from channel-vision to one-to-one personalization at scale, using the Relay42 Data Management Platform (DMP).

How could they orchestrate individual customer journeys to around 3 million customers in real-time, to increase sales volumes and decreasing churn-rate?

Results Nuon achieved:

The challenge: on the brink of change

To increase relevancy through personalised outreach, Nuon has used the Relay42 Data Management Platform (DMP) since 2013 to efficiently connect their systems and channels – from website, search and display, to CRM data, affiliate and social. But they were also on the verge of changing their core online activities. As a flexible, scalable solution for dynamic website personalization, Nuon selected Relay42 to efficiently address three key challenges:

Seamless technical integrations

The Relay42 DMP and Tag Management system is flexible by design, with the compatibility to integrate Nuon's mixture of in-house and branded tooling quickly, without any disruptions.

Increase efficiency in bringing offers to market

To differentiate between enterprises and consumers, Nuon made use of our granular Single Customer Profile to deliver relevant online experiences to target segments and individuals.

Smarter paid media bidding strategy

Through connected systems and channels, Nuon sought to smarten their paid media optimisation by cross-pollinating customer intelligence across their whole marketing ecosystem.

The solution: a connected content framework

For this challenge, Nuon chose to connect its proprietary Content Management System, or CMS (EPiServer) and Display advertising (DoubleClick) with the Relay42 DMP, alongside Search (AdWords) and Web Analytics (Adobe Analytics). This combination allowed for a flexible and scalable solution to serve dynamic website creatives to the right prospect, at the right time, to really bring personalization to life.

Having already integrated the Relay42 DMP with their CRM system, Nuon could bridge their website and best-of-breed analytics tools – and their broader marketing ecosystem. Nuon could serve relevant content and creatives across their multiple subdomains and modules, on an individual level.

Results & next steps

As well as achieving an uplift in contract value and conversion rate through serving relevant content onsite, Nuon could also utilize their budget more effectively on paid channels, using the Relay42 DMP to smarten bidding decisions. This resulted in a 12% increase in click through rate, 3% more conversions and a 4.2% increase in the average contract value.

Beyond effective content triggers, exacting context and sharpened efficiency across their in-house systems and current selected customer channels, the foundations for Nuon are in place to expand the bigger picture, and make it matter.

Deep dive into how Nuon increased customer value with 1:1 personalization

Deep dive into how Nuon increased customer value with 1:1 personalization

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