DMP for IT DMP for IT

DMP for IT

Have IT your way.

How can our Data Management Platform (DMP) solve your ecosystem disruption nightmares? You need to stay in control of your carefully constructed architecture. We will connect up all of your high frequency and existing systems, so your marketing department can get up and running – fast.

Our DMP means you stay in control of your ecosystem.

With Relay42, you won’t spend years waiting for an infrastructure overhaul, only to be met with one big unsuccessful implementation. Your project will come to fruition within months; because we deliver on our promises. Our promises to connect every high frequency and existing system, and keep your governance in check.

We provide the agnostic DMP to do just this: fulfil your ultimate goal of keeping to compliance requirements with each system. It acts as an unobtrusive layer above your business infrastructure – every element of it. Never disrupting, always avoiding crossed wires.

  • Challenge us. With a focus on continual development, we have never met a set of channels our DMP couldn’t integrate, in record time.
  • Compliance focused: using identity management, our DMP protects customer data by applying governance processes which are pre-determined with our clients according to local directives and business infrastructure.
  • Mixed media friendly: we don’t compromise on mixing legacy and low latency media. Our system acts as a non-intrusive layer by design.

Tag Management

Our Tag Management System works seamlessly with our DMP. Collect the right data, keep compliant, and focus IT resources elsewhere.

  • Single user interface: our Tag Management is built for IT, and designed for marketers
  • Server side evaluation: dynamic responses mean modifications happen immediately and you have full control of caching for tag targeting and efficiency
  •  Integrated privacy management module: give consent to different cookie types, determine user roles, and keep compliant
  •  Release & deployment history: publish changes quickly or push to a previous website production within seconds
  • Tag Management for mobile: our unique in-app Tag Management System means you can track users across devices, in real-time
Factsheet: Relay42 Tag Management

Factsheet: Relay42 Tag Management

Our enterprise Tag Management solution is designed to boost website performance, whilst saving IT resources and empowering marketers at the same time. Check our factsheet for a comprehensive feature overview.