Keeping pace with your customers' journeys

Keeping pace with your customers' journeys

Why you need to mirror, not lead customer journeys, and how you can keep up.

Sure, it has been the ‘year of Mobile’ for the last five years – but the perpetual movement of updated models, devices, wearable tech and IoT; as well as fickle app adoption and abandonment, means that it’s time to focus less on adding more shiny new toys for the sake of innovation, and prioritize the vehicle we’re using to keep up with them.

So how do you handle the big bang of data? How could this look in not ten years, not in five years, but in 2018?

The nightmare: fragmented touchpoints, a customer lost

Alice is a first-time buyer who’s been searching mortgages for months now, but her bank doesn’t understand this, nor are they able to deliver on her intent across channels. Their team can’t mirror her journey, and instead, spends too much time on organizing data out of silos and into journeys which make sense to them, but not to Alice.

In the meantime, Alice has moved onto that digital-only challenger bank, and received a mortgage offer elsewhere. Ouch.

The dream: a day following the perfect customer journey

Alice asks her bank what her saving account balance is, via her smart mirror, while brushing her teeth. As she imagines her reflection transported to a picture-perfect life, her bank is hard at work in the background – anticipating her moves and understanding her needs, based on her digital behavior, product preferences and purchase history.

This is about a bigger picture than managing money. This is about smart overarching technology, orchestrating experiences in a world governed by the customer – and saying ‘no’ to operating in data silos.

Real-time personalization and orchestration

With smart technology, you can:

  • Drag-and-drop touchpoints and partners into a journey which makes sense for individuals
  • Tweak goals and alter routes in real-time to better optimize your mortgage campaign
  • Engage every eye following your digital and offline footprint with creative which matches context.

A revolution in customer-centric marketing

How to unify your customer data, smarten every interaction with AI and transform fragmented journeys into orchestrated, personalized journeys.