23 March, 14:00 CET

How to Actually Generate Value with a CDP

How to Actually Generate Value with a CDP

Practical tips for Marketers to move past data storage to real-time activation

*This event has already taken place*

You have never known so much about your customers, and Customer Data Platforms — CDPs — promise to help organize that information to make it easier to draw conclusions.  

But that begs the question: what are you going to do with those conclusions?  

We believe that data is the key to building mutually meaningful relationships with your customers, and technology is the path to get you there, at scale. 

Join our CEO and Co-Founder on 23 March to explore: 

  • The current market developments that are necessitating CDP technology

  • Different types of CDPs and the ways they can — and can’t — bring value 

  • The real CDP value proposition 

  • CDP orchestration use cases that generate real value  

  • How to prepare your marketing landscape for the future


23 March, 14:00 CET


Rogier van Nieuwenhuizen
CEO Relay42

Propelled by his quest to help businesses perfect the customer journey through better use of data, Rogier brings strong strategic leadership to Relay42 and in-depth knowledge of the Customer Experience and Journey Orchestration market. 

Tomas Salfischberger
Relay42 Founder

Tomas is an entrepreneur with a background in technology. His passion is creating software that not only meets requirements but also advances the business and makes users smile.


Josephine le Brun

Josephine le Brun
Enterprise Solutions Architect