On-Demand Webinar: Modern Identity Management

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On-Demand Webinar: Modern Identity Management

Webinar On-Demand: How to Build a Solid Foundation for Modern Identity Management

Are you tackling challenges around 3rd-party cookies, GDPR & privacy laws, siloed data, and lack of a central customer view? Identity management can be a thorn in your side, or it can be your best tool for unlocking personalized real-time customer journeys. 

Watch this 40-minute on-demand session with Julie and Kunal to learn:

  • 5 pillars for modern ID management
  • How to apply these pillars across your entire customer journey — including a practical example from one of our banking clients 
  • How you can start delivering exceptional CX from your customer’s perspective, using the data you already have

Identity resolution is a big topic, and this webinar is the perfect place to start digging in and working out the best approach for your business.