Unleash Your
Marketing Data

Integrated marketing

Build a holistic customer experience by managing all data in a single platform. Break down the marketing silos. With Relay42, you integrate all cross-channel and cross-device customer data with your back-end systems and advertising partners.

Unlimited data

Store virtually unlimited amounts of marketing data without the hassle of a traditional database and costly IT organization. Don't limit yourself to one customer database. Capture and combine any interaction from all channels and for every touchpoint.

Personalized dialogue

Discover the next generation of personalized marketing by engaging with your clients and prospects on an individual level. By improving relevancy you boost your conversions and improve customer satisfaction.

Technology for marketers

With an intuitive interface, you can enjoy the most easy and intuitive marketing data management. Forget about code – we have optimized all activities to just a few clicks so that you can discover the potential of your data.


Improved customer dialogue with Tag and Data Management

Are you looking for tools that can bring your marketing to the next level? Do you want to break down the marketing silos and reach a holistic view of your current customers and prospects from one single solution?

Check out how the Relay42 data platform can increase the relevancy of your communication and improve your customer dialogue.

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For Thomas Cook, Relay42 enables real-time personalization to create a more relevant user experience. Relay42 is crucial in offering visitors dynamic content such as recommendations, based on a combination of algorithms, behavioral big data and back-end information, resulting in substantial sales uplift.

— Roderik Verburg, Site Manager Vrijuit.nl at Thomas Cook

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Case study

Personalized retention offers

This case study shows how the Relay42 Data Management Platform helped a national telecom provider link the specifics of its subscribers in terms of calling minutes to their preferences when browsing on the provider’s website. The information was then used in to adjust dynamic content on the website, personalize banner advertisements, and enrich existing emails.

Results: 14% increase in retention and improved customer relationship.

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The Platform

The Relay42 Platform enables you to take the next step in online marketing, without being dependent on an internal system. By building your own profiles and combining on-site profiles with CRM information, Relay42 provides you with everything you need to start a more relevant and personal dialogue, both with prospects and clients and across channels and devices. Both with prospects and clients, across channels and devices. We’re putting you as a marketer back in control. Using the extensive but intuitive interface, you can begin communicating with your visitors whenever you feel like.