Relay42 Cookieless World Program

Remove your reliance on third-party cookies for personalization and acquisition marketing across all owned and paid marketing channels.
Relay42 Cookieless World Program

The Cookieless World Program is a new service from Relay42 to enable you to get ready for the deprecation of third-party cookies in Google Chrome in 2024, launch proven first-party data monetization strategies that remove reliance on third-party data, and test new ways of retargeting including Google's new Protected Audience API.

Over 3-to-6 months, you'll get everything you need to mitigate any potential revenue, reach or measurement losses ahead of full cookie deprecation.


Cookieless World Audit
We'll audit your current marketing funnel, analyse each stage to determine the impact on your business, and provide recommendations for ways to optimise the funnel stages with first-and-zero-party data and cookieless solutions.

Integration with Google Privacy Sandbox
Dive into the future of online privacy, advertising and retargeting with integration to Google's new Privacy Sandbox APIs.

Enhanced First-Party Data Activation
We’ll apply our real-time identity resolution technology to your existing customer data to run a series of first-party data use cases that are already proven to drive incremental revenue for other brands, but which 90% of businesses are also not doing today. 

Expert Advice and Recommended Solutions
A dedicated team of experts will guide you through a proven first-party data strategy across paid and owned channels, help enable collaboration with data clean rooms and emerging technologies, improve user privacy, enhance your owned channel strategies, cooperate with identity graphs, and more.

Ready to embrace the future of digital marketing?

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