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Customer first, means industry focus

Customer first, means industry focus

The pathway to customer value in data

B2C enterprises are operating in a rapidly changing world of intense competition. 

Travel, Finance, Telco and Energy are industries with big data and high demands for customer personalization. As technology advances and marketing channels multiply, industry leaders seek measures to sustain long-term meaningful customer connections. 

Companies with high volumes of data at their disposal are in the unique position to aim for a truly effective solution for customer value and longevity. This means making real 1:1 personalization work across every channel — for each customer. We believe the most effective way to do this is with a combination of Artificial Intelligence and journey orchestration.

Transform single customer interactions into lasting relationships.

Mirror every customer

Take personalization from single customer interactions to entire journeys by connecting data from every touchpoint to create relevant experiences and lasting relationships.

Make rules to match context

Apply the business and customer context you need. Learn fast and make billions of quality data-driven decisions. It all begins by using built-in AI to automate what gets delivered to who, at scale. 

Manage your disparate data

Mobilize any and every data source accurately and responsibly to make the most out of valuable customer behavior. Create a true balance between centralized compliance and flexible data application.

Our technology has tailored solutions for our selected industries:

Go beyond good-enough personalization by activating your customer data. We explain all in our new insights hub: