Intelligent Journey Orchestration

Turn data into meaningful relationships

The only platform built for AI-driven customer journeys with real-time connectivity to all systems and touchpoints.
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Know every customer. Anticipate every moment.

Unify Data

Centrally manage your disparate customer data from all sources to create independent profiles based on real-time behavior. Turn a current and complete view of your customer into action.

Predict movements

Make decisions that matter to your business and act on insights in the moment by using integrated Artificial Intelligence to anticipate customer behavior. Your vehicle for personalization at scale.

Engage in journeys

Mirror your customers as they move by orchestrating relevant single steps into end-to-end journeys. Make each touchpoint matter with dynamic personalization that extends across all channels.

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We empower businesses to create meaningful customer relationships by developing smart technology to transform fragmented interactions into seamless journeys.

Lead the way with intelligent journey orchestration

At Relay42, we’ve created the only marketing platform built from the ground up with integrated AI and industry-specific models. It’s designed to fit within any business ecosystem and uses every form of customer data. This gives you the power to combine, test, learn, innovate, optimize — and deliver greater business value by scaling valuable single customer interactions into automated decisions.


With Relay42 we can deliver on the promise of personalization at scale to become fully customer-centric. Personalization is the only way forward; and we see that our approach pays off. Compelling results confirm that we chose the right technology for our mission. Michiel Blonk VP Pricing & Revenue Management Europe READ CASE STUDY
We would like to consistently serve relevant communications to our customers in all communication channels. The Relay42 platform helps to orchestrate this and improve the customer experience of our website and increase the relevance of our content in advertising. Ron Schneider Head of Marketing & Sales READ CASE STUDY
When a contract expires, we don’t wait until it’s too late, but proactively offer a new contract. We then focus our resources on making a conversion happen, regardless of which channel the customer uses. Rob van den Berg Sr. Online Marketer READ CASE STUDY
The Relay42 platform offers us a two-way street for success with data - and a street where we can pave the way. Not only are we able to make all insights actionable across any customer context; but with this solution we’re able to choose our marketing tools without limitations. Robert Vonk Manager Online Marketing & Data READ CASE STUDY
On our journey to greater relevance, we used Relay42 to personalize effectively and smarten our use of data. Real-time is critical to our marketing approach: you have to carefully think about the ecosystem and the platform which does that for you. We’re using the Relay42 platform as a valuable part of our marketing strategy, to be more efficient and relevant. Nick Brandts Lead Direct Campaigning & Online Sales

Go beyond good-enough personalization by activating your customer data. We explain all in our new insights hub: