Intelligent Journey Orchestration

Intelligent Journey Orchestration


When’s the last time you had a real conversation with your customers? Relay42 makes it possible to programmatically generate your creative assets across owned and paid channels to build every message dynamically for each individual customer. This maximizes the personal experience with your brand while minimizing the need for resources.

Journey Orchestration engine

Map and activate journeys in real-time. Easily create, monitor and measure omnichannel campaigns by managing sequential customer touchpoints. Optimize running campaigns based on live statistics and journey analytics for continuous fine-tuning.

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Journey analytics

Optimize your customer journeys with performance insights from each step in the journey and the goals reached. Understand how successfully a journey is contributing to your goals, if and how users moved through the journey, and which channels or steps in

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Journey experimentation

Our Journey Orchestration solution has integrated AB testing which allows you to run experiments within your journeys so you can test the impact of any changes and further optimize your journeys. Set up a control group and various experiment groups to test and optimize changes on smaller groups before rolling journeys to all customers.

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Journey KPIs

It’s important to understand how effective your customer experience really is across touchpoints. That’s why Relay42 is designed so you can easily define goals and KPIs for each customer journey and monitor your success, then optimize accordingly.

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Before we started working with the Relay42 platform, we sent most of our offers in bulk, all at once and via a single channel. Now that we’re working with Relay42, we can send tailored messages, advice and offers every day, and ensure they arrive at the precise moment when our customers are interested in an energy service.”

Maroue KhazaiLead Marketing Automation, NBA team | Eneco

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