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2021 Marketing: Resources for a New Paradigm

2021 Marketing: Resources for a New Paradigm

Find innovation & growth amidst uncertainty

From the demise of 3rd party cookies to looking forward to post-pandemic economic recovery, marketers are inheriting a big task for 2021. 

  • How will you continue to optimize your customer journey amidst ever-emerging privacy laws, channel proliferation and shifting consumer needs?
  • What is the best way to market responsibly to consumers during the pandemic? 
  • Is your identity management strategy ready for a first-party-data first shift as cookies are left behind? 

There is a lot to consider in planning for the year ahead. A lot of us have been taking it a day, week, month, quarter at a time — and that's ok! It's important to be agile and shift as the market — and the world — shifts. 

But in the face of change and uncertainty, there is always an opportunity for innovation and growth. And that's what this hub is about. So grab a cup of coffee and stick around for a while to browse the latest articles, ebooks and on-demand webinars covering all the most relevant topics to get you prepared for the year ahead. 


Respectful Marketing in the Cookieless World: 3 Steps to Get Started

The demise of the 3rd-party cookie is a huge opportunity for businesses to rethink their marketing strategy. Here's why, plus 3 steps to get you started.
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How your marketing strategy can benefit from consumer privacy laws

Adjusting your processes and martech stack to be compliant with ever-evolving consumer privacy laws is a pain — there's no way around that. But we believe it's also an opportunity to reevaluate the way your customer journey takes your customer's wishes into account. 

In this webinar, Relay42 founder Tomas Salfischberger and Relay42 Solutions Architect Matilda Kristoffersson dive into a new model for transforming the way you think about — and address — consumer privacy. 


Marketing in Transition: How to Succeed in the Post COVID-19 Reality

How is Covid-19 impacting business & how are brands adapting their data and marketing strategies for changing consumer behavior? Join the discussion.

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