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Building loyalty through customer data

Building loyalty through customer data

Unleash the power of understanding

It’s time for pioneers in telco and utilities to stop competing on ‘lowest price’ and build genuine connections with their contract holders. Customer data is the key to not just predicting customer behavior — but really knowing it. After all, it’s in the data they give to you directly — from their preferred plan, to the optimal time frame to connect and the next-best-channel to do so in order to prevent them from switching.

Marketers in this high-churn space are driving better connections every day, by using this data to orchestrate precisely-timed interactions which turn media-blast campaigns into scaled, one-to-one interactions.


How telecom and utilities can prevent churn by forfeiting the ‘lowest price’ war

How telecom and utilities companies can look beyond cost-cutting as the primary means for customer retention, and towards creating a happy, loyal customer base.
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How to turn churn into loyalty with customer data

Somewhere along the way, companies have entered a digital gridlock, with a one-size-fits-all approach to customer acquisition, upsell and retention. But getting back to delivering what the customer really needs — wherever they are, and whenever they need it — is now strikingly simple. 

The technology now exists to match customer intentions with business offers across every channel, turning approximations of personalization (and audience-based ad spend) into a world of real-time responsiveness and intuitive customer experiences. 

This doesn’t only mean converting and keeping your customers for good: it means an opportunity to increase ROI for the long-term, turning the power of understanding into a relationship renaissance for telecom and utilities leaders. 

Learn how telecom and utilities companies can deliver exceptional CX by activating customer data.

5 Ways to Unleash the Power of Customer Data in the Energy Sector

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Eneco is on a mission to adopt a fully data-driven marketing strategy that drives customer loyalty through seamless cross-channel journeys. Learn what they're doing to make it happen.

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