What you really wanted to understand about Customer Data Platforms

The CDP Hub

The CDP Hub

It's not about the technology: it's about the customer at the center of every journey.

Do CDPs overpromise and underdeliver? Are they really the key to all of your data woes? The jury is still out... 

But what we do know for sure is this: 

  • Businesses are sitting on a lot of valuable first-party data
  • That data, if used properly, could revolutionize their customer's journey
  • Across channels
  • And throughout the entire customer lifecycle
  • But first, that data has to be organized, then analyzed, and finally: activated. 

And Customer Data Platforms have shown up on the martech scene to answer the call. Explore this hub to learn more about the data difficulties marketers are facing, and how these challenges have paved the path for CDP technology. Plus, get a customer-centric take on what to look for in technology built to leverage customer data throughout the customer journey. 


Evaluating CDPs? Consider This

Learn what CDPs are (and aren't) + the 4 standard features every CDP should have and how to evaluate CDPs based on your business — and customer — needs.
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Are CDPs the solution, or just the start?

Customer Data Platforms are all the rage these days, and it makes sense. Businesses have more data than they know what to do with, and the customer journey is becoming increasingly digital, and — in some industries — increasingly complex. 

With CDP platform after CDP platform popping up all over the martech landscape, analysts and marketers alike are left wondering whether this technology has what it takes to live up to the hype. 

We'll admit that we're skeptical too. We preach Intelligent Journey Orchestration because we believe that it's not so much about storing and organizing data, but rather how you activate that data to serve your customers throughout the entire customer lifecycle. That said, Intelligent Journey Orchestration requires stellar identity management, and that means our ideology — and our technology — is already built on a foundation of what the CDP market promises to solve. 

Want to make sure you're getting the most out of your data — and your technology? Watch this on-demand webinar with Rogier and Tomas for a discussion on the real CDP value proposition.


Are Customer Data Platforms the Answer to Marketers’ Data Dilemmas?

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