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Intelligent Orchestration Platform

The Relay42 Intelligent Orchestration Platform is a next-generation data management solution. It’s the only platform of its kind built from the ground up to help brands truly move with their customers wherever they go; to scale smart interactions, and build meaningful customer relationships.


What is Intelligent Orchestration?

Intelligent Orchestration gives you the freedom, flexibility and agility to control your destiny as a brand – and to fulfill your ambitions as a marketer.  It acts as a smart layer across your marketing technologies, internal and external data sources; using hundreds of out-of-the-box connectors to work with your entire ecosystem, without limits or compromises.

It’s more than a Data Management Platform. The Relay42 Platform automates actions and makes them smarter with Artificial Intelligence, exceeding basic attribution with deeply valuable learning, to make billions of decisions each day for millions of individuals. Finally, marketers can focus on what really matters again: the nuances of 1:1 customer decisions, scaled by network effects.


Collect and combine customer data to activate across any marketing channel, technology or touchpoint.

Flexible data management and discovery lets you connect any of your chosen marketing technologies and tools – existing and future, collecting data wherever it matters.

The Relay42 Platform has been built with a Data Management Platform at its core, rather than focusing on making another marketing suite. This means the customer leads, and our DNA focuses on the capability to keep up with an assorted stack of best-in-class technologies.


Smarten every interaction with data-driven decisions & Artificial Intelligence.

Anticipate and map your customer behavior, using deep learning models to smarten each step of their journey, then extend your reach to scale.

Through relevance and context, Relay42 smartens marketing decisioning with industry-specific Machine Learning Algorithms, and as a result clients consistently increase value per customer, and reduce Cost per Acquisition by half.


Transform fragmented interactions into orchestrated, personalized journeys.

Test, learn and tweak customer journeys in real-time – responsibly – to make content and context hit the right note. Orchestration means you make personalization a baseline, to move with and mirror your customers.

Users can independently sequence and automate customer journeys in real-time, zooming in to analyze each touchpoint or optimizing entire pathways to make outreach which works in context, from end-to-end.

... Responsibly

One for legal

Relay42 empowers brands to not only comply with the GDPR, but use data protection and responsible marketing as a point of differentiation: the Relay42 Intelligent Orchestration Platform is a hub from which businesses can centralize, control and protect the management of multiple data sources.

See what Intelligent Orchestration can do for your business

See what Intelligent Orchestration can do for your business

We have a singular ambition to build the best Platform for Intelligent Orchestration - and that's where 100% of our resources and energy go.

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