Making responsible marketing your differentiator


Data is everywhere, and let's be realistic — in today’s world, it's more valuable than cash. Data is the currency of both today and tomorrow, which is why marketers are eager to obtain and leverage this wealth of information.

This treasure trove of data can tell you various things about your customers, such as their age, gender, buying behavior, and more. Understandably, consumers are wary about sharing such sensitive information with businesses, especially if they’ve just started their relationship with them. One bad experience, and it’s game over — shady popups and annoying, irrelevant advertisements ruin perfectly good budding relationships every day.

And this is why ad blockers are on the rise. Customers are sick of businesses not being able to keep up with them on the growing and changing amounts of touchpoints and channels, so instead of giving them another chance, they cut them off. This wall customers put up can be a real frustration for marketers who genuinely want to harness that data for good — to deliver truly personalized customer journeys and create mutually beneficial relationships.

So how can you get consumers to let their guard down? How do you reassure them that in return for their valuable data, they’ll get relevant and cohesive journeys?

Make responsible marketing your differentiator.

Use data protection to stand out from your competition and orient your marketing activities from a central point of trust, creating a network of interconnected experiences, products, and services that are presented to customers at the right times and places for them. No longer will customers have to deal with pesky, irrelevant ads, but instead, they’ll be continually served with relevant information that enhances their experience and facilitates loyalty.

The GDPR has strengthened and unified data protection for individuals, and many organizations see this regulation as a hindrance. But you can use it to your benefit with smart implementation. Assert your business as one that confidently handles your customer data in a way which puts the customer at the center of everything you do, by responding to the journeys they choose. And at the same time, checking all the crucial regulation boxes.

Earn the privilege of collecting customer data

We’re now moving into an age where customer data is a currency, and a privilege to own. Control over and transparency of the flow of customers' data is the key to not only gaining your customers’ trust, but also delivering on end-to-end customer journeys.

Now, you can have complete control of how data is shared, who it is shared with, and when, while your customers are in complete control.

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