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Vattenfall is one of Europe's leading energy providers. In the world of utilities, where customer retention is key, Vattenfall aims to transform every aspect of their business to be fully customer-centric. Vattenfall chose Relay42 to implement intelligent personalization across all of their marketing channels by orchestrating individual customer journeys for around 2 million customers in real time.
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The Challenge


Vattenfall sees the world of energy marketing as customer journeys — journeys that don’t end when a customer converts, but rather begin. To create this vision, Vattenfall selected Relay42 to address three key challenges: switching their strategy from channel-focused to one-to-one omnichannel personalization at scale; seamless technology integration; and increasing efficiency in bringing offers to market.

Their first project focused on personalizing their website to every visitor’s preferences and then sharpening their paid media bidding strategy based on that data. Going forward, the marketing team aimed to personalize every marketing touchpoint, adapting their message, timing, and channel to the needs of every individual customer at all stages of their customer journey.


The Solution

From connected framework to journey orchestration

As a first step to becoming fully customer-centric, Vattenfall had to connect all of their existing channels and systems. The Relay42 Platform allowed the marketing team to swiftly connect their proprietary Content Management System, display advertising, search and web analytics. This setup allowed for a flexible and scalable solution to serve dynamic content to the right customer and prospect, at the right time.

With the basics in place, Vattenfall could implement the next level of personalization: full journey orchestration. With the Relay42 Orchestration Engine, the marketing team personalized every step of the customer journey, tailoring their messaging on all channels in real time, based on behavior and the individual journey phase of the visitor.

I am very proud that we created so many successful customer journeys for this Solar campaign with Relay42. We are looking forward to work with the Orchestration Engine to create even more journeys and get more insights.

Mieke de KorteSr. Online Marketer

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