The Deprecation of Third-Party Cookies

A solutions guide for digital marketers to thrive in the ‘Cookieless World’
The Deprecation of Third-Party Cookies

Is your digital marketing ready for the transition to a cookieless world? 

Google has started to phase out support for third-party cookies (3PC) in Chrome. While other browsers have already made this move, Google Chrome is doing the same across 2024 and 2025. Currently, Chrome dominates the global web search market with a share of 65-70%, and Google heavily relies on third-party cookies for 90% of its revenue from advertising. This impending change will have a significant impact on how brands can effectively target their customers with relevant ads, especially when third-party cookies are no longer supported on any web browser.

So, how will this impact your digital marketing efforts and what strategies can you and your team employ to adapt?

Discover the exclusive insights and innovative strategies packed in our latest ebook, designed to empower digital marketers in navigating the dynamic landscape of effective advertising in a cookieless world.

Download this ebook and discover:

  • The areas of digital marketing that the deprecation of third-party cookies will affect.
  • The core capabilities that marketing teams need to prepare for a cookieless future.
  • The possible solutions that will allow marketers to reach customers and prospects without third-party cookies.