On-Demand Webinar: CDPs Demystified

On-Demand Webinar: CDPs Demystified

A Practical Guide to Choosing Your Marketing Powerhouse

The world of Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) is evolving faster than ever before, presenting both challenges and opportunities for businesses looking to harness their customer data to gain strategic advantage.
The advent of 'composable CDP' options and the much-criticized Gartner Magic Quadrant for Customer Data Platforms have left marketers more confused than ever, with additional choices about where and how to integrate and activate customer data.
To help marketing leaders understand the choices of CDPs out there, our in-house experts led a webinar during which they discussed the current state of Customer Data Platforms.

Watch the webinar now on-demand and learn: 

  • The current state of the CDP landscape: An overview of the latest trends and innovations, including the rise of composable CDPs.
  • How to evaluate your needs: Key considerations to identify what you truly need from a CDP, beyond the buzzwords and hype.
  • How to choose the right CDP: Insider tips on selecting a CDP that aligns with your business objectives.

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