Infographic: 3 Steps to Omnichannel Customer Journeys

3 Steps to Omnichannel Customer Journeys


The data deluge has left marketers asking how they can organize their activities in a way that is beneficial for their business and their customers. And whether it’s even possible to balance the infinite number of ads with the personalization customers expect… 

3 Steps to Scale Your Customer Journey Strategy

Relay42 takes businesses through 3 key steps to achieve a full transition from campaigns to customer journeys in a realistic, scalable way:

  1. We start off by making sure you are integrated.
    This means we focus on unifying your online and offline data to get a holistic view of your customers and prospects. 

    In this stage, you start using data to make your existing marketing efforts smarter, more targeted and more personalized. We start with use cases to get you thinking about who you want to target, with what kind of message, and where. 

    The results? Quick wins on media spend optimization, and higher conversions on hyper-relevant marketing activities. 

  2. The next phase — when you are ready — is to transform your cross-channel campaigns into customer journeys.
    Here, we help you think about the phases in your customer journeys and how best to scale your most successful cross-channel use cases.

    We do this by increasing the scope to determine when the use case should be worked into the customer journey. This stage is all about combining independent use cases into seamless customer journeys.

  3. Finally, we help you make your customer journeys even smarter with artificial intelligence.
    Built-in AI will help you make real-time decisions at a profile level, enabling you to truly personalize every individual customer journey no matter how they choose to interact with your brand. This is what we mean when we talk about Intelligent Journey Orchestration

How does this work in practice?

Important milestones in the integrated phase are:

  • Data unification
  • Channel integration, and
  • Cross-channel activation

Next, during the customer journey phase, we:

  • Identify potential stages in your customer journey, such as inspiration, booking, upselling and retention. 
  • Map out and activate parts of the customer journey, ensuring that you have clear, measurable goals and KPIs for each stage. 
  • Finally, we test and optimize. 

In the artificial intelligence phase, we focus on realizing true customer-centricity through the following steps:

  • Connect your own in-house intelligence, OR
  • Start small by testing and optimizing AI models to predict specific outcomes. 
  • Then we train AI models to optimize your customer journeys based on your journey goals and KPIs. AI is now being applied directly to journey orchestration to generate AND activate predictions in real time.

How will this impact your marketing team?

The transition to customer-centricity will impact your marketers’ day-to-day roles. But this is something to be excited about, not something to be feared.

With a lot of the manual work being automated by technology, your marketers will be free to focus on more strategic and innovative use cases and customer journeys. After all, technology doesn’t automatically create compelling campaigns — we still need creative human minds for this!

As the marketing world continues to evolve and the number of touchpoints continues to increase your marketers will have the competitive edge to quickly adapt their strategies – and be wherever your customers and prospects choose to go. 

Relay42 will help transition your teams to take on the new customer-centric roles of the future.

Embark on the journey to more effective customer journeys

Customer expectations are increasing, markets are becoming saturated, and the competition has never been so steep. In order to stay relevant and be competitive now and in the future, you need to be able to deliver on and exceed customer expectations. The key is your customer journey. 

Start Preparing with our Journey Visualization Tool

The first step to creating highly effective customer journeys is visualizing them. Check out our free in-browser journey visualization tool to:

  • Visualize current customer journeys
  • Plan future journeys
  • Identify steps to optimize today
  • Collaborate with colleagues
  • Challenge the status quo in marketing and CX

Customer Journey Visualization Tool

Use our free customer journey visualization tool to conceptualize and visualize data-driven omnichannel journeys. This tool makes it easy to save, share and collaborate.

Learn more about Intelligent Journey Orchestration, the data-driven marketing strategy for hyper-personalized cross-channel customer journeys.