Rethinking Digital Marketing in a Post-Cookie Era

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Rethinking Digital Marketing in a Post-Cookie Era


The ‘cookiepocalypse’, set to occur in late 2024, is fast approaching. Google will withdraw support for the third-party cookie (3PC) in its Chrome browser, leaving just one browser in ten able to deliver the functionality that has supported online marketing and advertising since the birth of the commercial internet. 

Relay42 partnered with London Research to interview over 300 global senior marketing professionals and find out how well-prepared brands are for the challenge of adapting to a cookieless future.

Key findings:

  • 319 marketing leaders from across the globe recognize the urgency to adapt to the impending deprecation of third-party cookies in Google Chrome. 
  •  Almost three-quarters (72%) of respondents say the loss of the third-party cookie poses a major challenge for their businesses. 
  •  55% of brands are at risk of losing valuable data as the transition to GA4 remains incomplete. 
  • Organizations using a Customer Data Platform (CDP) are 7X more likely to see the shift away from third-party cookies as positive than those without (30% vs 4%). 

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