How Eneco Rolled Out a Hyper-Personalized Omnichannel Strategy


Eneco’s mission is to provide sustainable energy to everyone through a data-driven approach to understanding, anticipating, and responding to customer needs.

This is how Eneco is leveraging the Relay42 platform to offer truly seamless customer journeys across all of their online and offline channels. 

How Eneco Rolled Out a Hyper-Personalized Omnichannel Strategy

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Video transcript 

The Ambition

We want to be relevant and communicate with our customers on a personal level. We have approximately two million customers, but in order to use all that data to create relevant offers, you really need marketing automation.

Connecting Online and Offline

First, we integrated all of our basic online channels like email, as well as online media such as display, social advertising, and search advertising. We also connected our website to Relay42. But the best part is that we also integrated our offline channels, such as direct mail and outbound communications. By connecting our online and offline channels, we can reach the right customer with the right message at the right time.

Why Relay42?

There were multiple companies just getting started with NBA (Next Best Action) marketing automation, but Relay42 was the most capable of helping us. They offered a concrete plan with a roadmap, use cases and a plan for building the data model. We decided to go for it, and we made huge progress in just the first year.

Becoming fully customer-centric

Customers come in via different channels. They can enter directly through our website or via price comparison websites. They can sign a contract with us at any time and they have a wide variety of needs that we want to be able to respond to. This makes it essential to know what every customer wants and when we can offer the right service.

1:1 Marketing in real time

Before we started working with the Relay42 platform, we sent most of our offers in bulk, all at once and via a single channel. Now that we’re working with Relay42, we can send tailored messages, advice and offers every day, and ensure they arrive at the precise moment when our customers are interested in an energy service.


Introducing a new way of marketing has allowed us to, for example, follow up directly with customers showing buying intent online, which has led directly to a 300% higher conversion rate. By streamlining our campaign processes, we’ve also drastically reduced costs.

Our telecoms and utilities customers are winning the data-driven marketing game by competing on customer experience from day one. Here is a collection of our best learnings for making advocates out of bystanders: