Intelligent Journey Orchestration Explained


What is Intelligent Journey Orchestration and how can it help your business — and your customers? Watch this video to find out. 

Intelligent Journey Orchestration Explained

Dive into Intelligent Journey Orchestration

Eager to learn more about the marketing strategy that's helping companies overhaul their approach to customer-centricity and omnichannel marketing?

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Intelligent Journey Orchestration is the data-driven marketing strategy that mirrors customer behavior across all channels to deliver true one-to-one personalization in real time throughout the entire customer journey.

The Relay42 platform works on several levels to automate this kind of personalization at scale. By activating customer insights in real time, it lets businesses generate individually personalized customer journeys across online and offline channels. It recognizes and remembers individuals across a lifetime of interactions, and it allows businesses to apply industry-specific AI models to optimize unique journeys for individuals rather than segments.

With Relay42, customers get highly relevant, personalized messaging when it matters most: in the moment. As a result, businesses are easily able to deliver individual journeys that increase conversion, loyalty, retention, and growth.


Intelligent Journey Orchestration in a Nutshell: From Four Disciplines to One Best Practice

As the marketing and CX landscape evolves, so does the tech that supports it. The result is the latest step in the evolution of martech: Intelligent Journey Orchestration. Learn all about it in this infographic.