Video: How Evi Creates Meaningful Customer Relationships at Scale


As part of our 10-year anniversary, we caught up with Maurice Pordon, Executive Director Marketing at Evi. 

Watch the video below and learn what building meaningful relationships mean for Maurice and how Evi's marketing team uses the Relay42 platform to personalize their messaging at scale. 

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Maurice Pordon, Evi: Meaningful relationships is about connecting on an emotional level

What does the concept of building a meaningful relationship mean to you and Evi?
A meaningful relationship for me means connecting on an emotional level. This is really important for us at Evi.

If you look at the financial industry, you see that most competitors are busy digitizing their services. We stem from a private bank and in that aspect, we're a bit different. So for us, the human touch and the human interaction are really important. And this is the approach that we've chosen for Evi. While in other banks usually, everything is more digital, with us, we try to put forward the human touch.

How do you personalize your marketing at scale?
Of course, we're an online bank so we can't do it all in person. So what we choose to do is having the high-value moments in person. The Relay42 platform helps us with the frequent interaction moments of the customer journey so we can still personalize on all channels and make the communication feel human.

How does Relay42 help the financial specialists at Evi build meaningful customer relationships?
Relay42 helps us make our bankers a lot smarter. We call it the bionic banker. Our bankers have a relationship with the customer, however, they only know them by talking to the customers while the customer has much more touchpoints. This is where we put in the intelligence of the Relay42 platform and make sure that they can use the information in the relationship with the customer. You have to connect on an emotional level next to having excellent service.