Data Management for Travel Data Management for Travel

Data Management for Travel

Smart travel marketers want to ditch fragmented customer journeys.

They want to switch siloed marketing campaigns, for a single customer view – activating all data, across every touchpoint. And that’s when omnichannel becomes a reality for customers, too.

Using our Data Management Platform to map out customer data trails, Joe the explorer can begin booking his accommodation on your website, receive recommendations for relevant ancillary products – like car hire – on your mobile app as he travels along a road trip route. He gets a personalised tour suggestion pushed to his tablet on social media. Next time he browses, you know Joe likes active adventure trips.

Make each travel phase - dreaming, planning, and booking - seamless for your customers.

  • Unifying your data is where it begins
  • Personalise with the right message, to the right person, at the right time
  • Know your next best channel, and next best action
  • Know your traveller’s next move, for effective cross-sell and customer service.


A travel marketer's journey in personalisation

A travel marketer's journey in personalisation

This paper helps travel marketers make smart data management a reality. Establishing industry challenges, and adaptable use cases will help you to successfully navigate an ever-connected world of customers.