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How to build a revolution in customer relationships

How to build a revolution in customer relationships

Keeping pace with your customers throughout their customer journeys

It's not news that customers change where they're going, and how they want to be reached, from one day to the next.

A moving world of marketing is here to stay.

The challenge is to mirror customers not just across channels, but in a way that reflects real-life customer interactions that skip across touchpoints, stop and start at will, and repeat themselves in irregular patterns over the customer relationship lifecycle. Marketers are spending too much time organizing data out of silos, and into sequences, which make sense to either the business, or the customer - but often not both.

Meanwhile, you’re missing the opportunity to connect. So how do you handle the big bang of data? How could this look in not ten years, not five years, but this year?

Drive a data revolution for your customer, through smarter technology. You make the rules.

Bring together disparate data sources

Revolutionizing the way you connect with your customers requires a next-generation approach to unifying data from every -- and any -- source. With the ability to create a strong foundation of customer data, pulled from all customer-facing channels into one repository, you can start targeting your communications and services to individuals you know, at greater scale - rather than audiences who look like them. Enriching your data with 2nd- and 3rd-party sources sources will help you reach new customers, but starting with customers' own data is the key to deepening the valuable relationships you already have.

Know your customer’s next step - sustainably

Now comes the strategy for true personalization, no matter how many interactions need to be custom-tailored to each customer. We’re here to show you how AI really does bring value to business in anticipating the behavior and next actions of customers, by applying context-specific calculations and creating greater efficiencies. The key is having all of your data in one place and in a usable (i.e. raw) format for algorithms to use, then developing calculations that are specific to the needs and actions of your customers and your industry to act on that data.

Adding orchestration to give context to content

Personalization is the buzzword of the moment, but we want to make sure it lives up to marketing’s great expectations of dynamic delivery, too. When it comes to true customer-centricity, it's not good enough to deliver a personal experience that is forgotten as soon as the customer switches from desktop to mobile, or from website to call center. Personalization needs to be as dynamic and flexible as your customers are. This is the value of sequencing customer journeys which contain the ingredients needed to engage the right people, at the point that it matters.


Go beyond good-enough personalization by activating your customer data. We explain all in our new insights hub: