Intelligent Journey Orchestration

Intelligent Journey Orchestration

What is Intelligent Journey Orchestration?

Intelligent Journey Orchestration is the data-driven marketing strategy that mirrors customer behavior across all channels to deliver true one-to-one personalization in real time throughout the entire customer journey.

  • Build data-driven relationships.
  • Orchestrate personalized journeys.
  • Scale with Artificial Intelligence.

Intelligent Journey Orchestration Explained

Watch this video to learn all about Intelligent Journey Orchestration — the data-driven marketing strategy that mirrors customer behavior across all channels to deliver true one-to-one personalization in real time throughout the entire customer journey.

Customer-centricity is your product

Gone are the days when marketing drove the customer journey. Today, we live and work in a digital landscape that has put customers at the wheel, and that means it’s no longer enough to just meet customer demand — businesses must find ways to anticipate and answer customer need before it’s even expressed. Customer loyalty is awarded to companies that put their customers at the center of everything they do.

  • 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience (Econsultancy).
  • 67% of customers mention bad experiences as a reason for churn, but only 1 out of 26 unhappy customers complain. The rest just leave (thinkJar).
  • Loyal customers are 7 times as likely to test an offering, 5 times as likely to buy again, and 4 times as likely to refer (Temkin).

Data is your most valuable asset

Marketing departments are measured by their ability to acquire customers, drive upsell and cross-sell, and build customer retention and loyalty over a lifetime of customer interactions. However, businesses have long known that without access to integrated data, these activities become little more than a scattershot, best-guess marketing approach. That’s why data management solutions have been among the most important key investments for business and technology executives over the last 10 years. But data management alone is quickly becoming outdated in the face of the massive proliferation of customer-facing channels.

  • 96% of senior marketers waste 5 hours and 36 minutes a week trying to improve their data processes (TransUnion). 
  • 72% of executives could do much more with their data to drive impact for the organization (Sitecore).

Omnichannel personalization has never been more critical

A seamless cross-channel experience is not a nice-to-have — it’s table-stakes for any consumer-facing business. The number of touchpoints used to make a single purchase has tripled in the past 15 years (Marketing Week), and switching between touchpoints is no longer a linear journey, but a dizzying rollercoaster. Businesses are under pressure to offer customers a consistent, personalized experience across channels — from their web store and social media to their in-store experience. To be truly successful, they must also extend this personalization to their marketing channels to predict customer intent, as well as to their customer service channels to prevent customer churn. In other words: everywhere your customer goes, you need to be there first — and be ready to assist them.

  • Omnichannel shoppers have a 30% higher lifetime value than those who shop using only one channel (Google).
  • Businesses that adopt omnichannel strategies achieve 91% greater year-over-year customer retention rates compared to businesses that don’t (Aspect Software).

Intelligent Journey Orchestration One-Pager

Learn how Intelligent Journey Orchestration can drive your customer-centric marketing strategy.

How does Intelligent Journey Orchestration repair the customer-business relationship?

What if businesses could forge a new relationship with customers based on trust and respect?

  • No more spam, irrelevant ads, or retargeting banners hassling customers after they’ve already made a purchase (or made it clear they aren’t interested). 
  • No more asking people to re-introduce themselves to your business countless times over the course of a single product purchase.
  • No more call center agents who have no idea how many times the customer on the line has called before — let alone how many other interactions (and the nature of those interactions) they’ve previously had with the company. 

Intelligent Journey Orchestration lets customers benefit from real-time personalized experiences, and it ensures that customers get real value in return for the personal data they provide to businesses.

Instead of rewarding your customer’s trust with (however well-intended) spam, you can reward them with relevant and timely communication on their favorite channels, personalized offers that are truly useful, and an engaging yet perfectly concise customer journey.

Intelligent Journey Orchestration Technology Landscape

Over the last decade, businesses have been heavily investing in technology in an attempt to solve the challenges facing the customer-business relationship.

As a result, the MarTech landscape has transformed at an increasingly rapid pace.

Amid all of the technological clutter, there have been a couple of important technologies that have paved the path to Intelligent Journey Orchestration. 

Data Management Platforms

Intelligent Journey Orchestration platforms have evolved in part from a landscape where DMPs (Data Management Platforms) and TMSs (Tag Management Systems) reigned supreme. These systems, while highly valuable for aggregating 2nd- and 3rd-party data, have not proven powerful enough for businesses looking to leverage their customer data to deliver a 1-to-1 journey in real time. This is primarily because they don’t offer the technology needed to fully leverage the data that they are so good at unifying. DMPs offer the flexibility to connect to any MarTech or AdTech endpoint. They offer an extensive catalog of existing connections, and they provide a great marketplace for selling and buying data. However, they offer limited options for using customer data, and even fewer options for using data to orchestrate journeys, especially across channels.


Customer Data Platforms

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) focus on leveraging customer data to improve marketing efficiency. They have been an important step in MarTech evolution, as they leverage owned customer data, possibly in combination with marketing and media data, to improve marketing efficiency and effectiveness. However, CDPs are also limited in orchestration capabilities, so activating customer data in order to tailor experiences to individual customer needs and preferences is not possible, and as such CDPs do not offer true personalization.


Journey Mapping Technology

Consumer purchases today take place all over a complex digital landscape, which makes customer journey mapping extremely important in understanding and even predicting where customers need to go — and how they need to get there. And that’s why journey mapping is an essential part of Intelligent Journey Orchestration. Journey mapping tools help CX teams visualize the customer journey — from the first touchpoint, to the sale, and even after that. In addition to journey mapping, this technology also provides businesses with vital information about key touchpoints, which in turn helps them optimize their customer experience. Journey mapping technologies, however, only offer a small piece of the pie.


Intelligent Journey Orchestration in a Nutshell: From Four Disciplines to One Best Practice

As the marketing and CX landscape evolves, so does the tech that supports it. The result is the latest step in the evolution of martech: Intelligent Journey Orchestration. Learn all about it in this infographic.


The MarTech landscape is growing faster than business infrastructures can keep up with. In fact, the number of Martech companies grew from ~150 in 2011 to an impressive 6,829 in 2018 (Chief Martec). This accelerated growth has much to do with the notion that it is impossible for a single vendor to deliver everything a marketer needs, and it has given way to both new specialized technology and advanced platforms designed to connect the landscape.

That’s why the Relay42 Intelligent Journey Orchestration platform was created: to cut through the MarTech clutter and offer a scalable marketing platform with integrated data management, journey orchestration and AI, making it possible to deliver complete, personalized customer journeys in real time and at scale.

Relay42 Intelligent Journey Orchestration Solution

Relay42 is a best-of-breed solution for businesses looking to advance their customer-centricity, progress to a more advanced level of personalization, and reach the highest levels of intuitive, real-time customer journey orchestration.

Create actionable, always-up-to-date profiles

The Relay42 platform uniquely combines TMS, DMP, CDP, and Intelligent Journey Orchestration capabilities. This data management expertise means that our approach to data collection, storage, processing and activation is truly customer-centric. What makes it so effective is that it follows the customer’s behavior and preferences across technologies, instead of forcing the customer to take certain actions in order to be recognized and remembered by the business. 

  • Leverage sophisticated identity management.
  • Utilize every important data point — online and offline.
  • Exercise full control over consent and data collection. 

Orchestrate personalized journeys

Relay42 is a single platform that has been developed from the beginning as a marketing platform with advanced data management and AI capabilities. It is not a collection — or suite — of standalone solutions that pass information back and forth. That’s why businesses are able to mirror their customers’ behavior, intent, and engagement in real time. There’s no lag — because there’s just one platform.

  • Connect your channels quickly and easily.
  • Move beyond single interactions to end-to-end customer journeys.
  • Engage with personalized content across all channels.
  • Test and optimize journeys with built-in experimentation capabilities.

Scale with Artificial Intelligence

Just like data management and journey orchestration, AI is a native part of the Relay42 platform. That means it acts in context, in real time, to optimize customer journeys as consumers are actually interacting with your business. What’s more, we have developed models that optimize customer journeys for your industry’s specific needs and KPIs. 

So it’s about more than optimizing for conversions; it’s about reducing churn in the utility industry, helping travelers find the perfectly priced travel destination, and knowing when to recommend a mortgage versus a student loan. It’s about your customers and their journey — however it may take shape. 

  • Automatically orchestrate journeys with AI for powerfully nuanced, in-the-moment decision making.
  • Anticipate customer needs and activate insights with industry-specific AI models.
  • Connect existing models to AI and apply your intelligence across every channel.

Customer Journey Visualization Tool

Use our free customer journey visualization tool to conceptualize and visualize data-driven omnichannel journeys. This tool makes it easy to save, share and collaborate.