Relay42 for Airlines

Relay42 for Airlines

Powering 1:1 Customer Journeys for Airlines

Relay42 is the first real-time Customer Data Platform (CDP) specifically tailored to the needs of airline brands. It supports industry-specific use cases related to improving passenger load factor, real-time customer acquisition, and increasing ancillary sales.

Working closely with leading airlines like KLM, Air France, and Transavia, our technology and expertise in the airline sector is second-to-none enabling us to accelerate your time-to-value from a CDP investment.


Equip Your Marketing Team with a CDP Built for Airlines

Gain Deep Insights of your Passengers

Unify your customer data across marketing channels and gain comprehensive insights into passenger behaviors.

Relay42 for Airlines enables marketing teams to integrate CRM data—including demographic information, past bookings, and customer feedback—with real-time behavioral data such as website visits, flight searches, and email engagement.

Our multi-key identity resolution constructs detailed profiles of both customers and prospects, regardless of their login status. By consolidating demographics, transactions and behaviors, marketers have a 360-degree customer view and detailed insights at their fingertips.

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Omnichannel 1-to-1 Personalization at Scale

With a single customer view marketers can begin using these insights to drive hyper-personalized customer journeys.

The Relay42 Journey Orchestration module integrates every marketing channel (email, paid media, mobile apps, web, SMS, CRM, etc) to enable granular audience segmentation and AI-powered 1-to-1 journeys.

Better still, with anonymous web visitor tracking and activation, we empower 1-to-1 personalization at scale for both known customers and anonymous visitors. As a result, airline brands can improve their addressability and maximize conversions.


Integrating Revenue Management with Digital Marketing

 Relay42 for Airlines is designed to seamlessly integrate revenue management systems with digital marketing programs.

When ticket prices fluctuate based on demand, Relay42 can automate the communication of price adjustments across both owned and paid channels, ensuring that customers are promptly informed of the latest offers and changes, thereby maximizing revenue. 


Boost the Passenger Load Factor with AI predictions

Relay42's predictive Journey AI models can forecast which potential passengers are most likely to convert (and when) from a marketing campaign, as well as determine which offers and channels the marketing team should activate.

Leveraged alongside load-factor feeds from operational systems, and using our real-time engine, Relay42 for Airlines provides an effective solution for filling your planes and improving one of the most important KPIs – the Passenger Load Factor (PLF)


Improving Margins while Delighting Customers

Offering relevant ancillary products to enhance profit margins on each passenger booking is crucial for airlines. Relay42 for Airlines incorporates ancillary offerings into customer journeys to ensure the right offers are delivered to the right passengers. 

These capabilities not only enhance the profitability of each flight but also improve the customer experience by providing timely, relevant offers, and help you erase the barrage of irrelevant promotions that can damage your brand. 


Managing Disruptions for Improved Passenger Experience

Relay42 for Airlines seamlessly integrates customer service and call-center interactions with marketing workflows, aligning marketing and customer service efforts. 

This coordination ensures optimal management of flight disruptions, allowing marketing campaigns to be paused during stressful times for your passengers, and resume once issues are resolved, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction overall. 

"We were looking for a powerful solution to be able to interconnect our digital channels.... to our CRM. Relay42 fits perfectly in this, because what we wanted to achieve was to break down silos and implement an omnichannel strategy, so we could actually tell our story to the customer on the right channel at the right time.”

Jad NaciriCustomer Data Strategist | Air France
The first use case was a huge success because of Relay42. We have more conversions against lower costs, and that makes everyone happy.

Pelle den EngelsmanCampaign Strategist

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