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The wealth of value in customer data

The wealth of value in customer data

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Even as banks, insurers and payment providers are converging, customers are leading in this new world of money management. How can financial services follow, and consistently exceed their expectations at every turn?

Marketers are now ditching best-guesses and generalized audience targeting — and instead adding value with exceptional, one-to-one customer experiences based on the wealth of data customers share with them every day, especially so at critical moments of indecision.


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How to create limitless value through customer data

It’s never been easier to switch services when it comes to finance. It’s down to the truly customer-centric players to turn pivotal life moments like leaving a job, buying a home or starting a business into a window of opportunity. This means that instead of a one-size-fits-all message to many, companies need to orchestrate end-to-end personalization using the technology that now exists to match and exceed their customers’ expectations — turning moments of potential attrition into a lifetime of loyalty.
Creating value by activating your customer data means tuning into customer wishes, mirroring their wants and needs, then knowing how best to serve them right when they need it. It is about being attentive, and instantly responsive — delivering intuitive customer experiences which last longer and continually increase ROI.

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