2023 - the year in which marketers finally unleash the power of AI




Kalina Dancheva

Brand & Communications Manager

There's no doubt about it – 2023 is already shaping up to be the year of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Although there have been rumblings (and perhaps some overzealous claims) about AI and machine learning for more than a decade now, its full capabilities weren't realized until ChatGPT launched in November 2022. The hype surrounding this new chatbot tool has awoken the world to AI's possibilities, both personally and professionally. And suddenly, millions are able to harness its power. 

So what does the year of AI mean for digital marketers? 

AI has been a buzzword in digital marketing for a while now, and its implementation in the space will be nothing short of a revelation. In their latest report, Gartner predicts that in 2023, marketing teams will start implementing operational AI for smarter, data-driven decisions enabling them to “shift 75% of their operational activities from production to analytics”.

Source: Gartner 

However, AI methods usually require long development cycles (often longer than six months), and the use of an AI team, plus they don’t give the marketing team much power. Traditional AI methods can be slow and require machine learning expertise, and developing such an AI model can be expensive and time-consuming. 

That's not to say it can't be successful. The airline KLM has been using AI methods in its marketing efforts for a while now, with great results. KLM's AI project in partnership with Relay42 delivered a 40% lower cost per booking and generated more than twice as many bookings at the same spend. However, we are entering a new era in AI where AI can be implemented faster and more efficiently.

AI for digital marketing made easier 

Here at Relay42, we've been busy behind the scenes designing our own AI module to empower marketing teams to use AI to make real-time decisions in customer journeys. 

Journey AI, or JAI, as we call it for short, allows digital experts and marketers to more easily process vast amounts of data, understand their customersbehaviors, and anticipate their next actions, which will immediately enhance their marketing strategy. 
JAI is accessible, easy to use, and can build and test fully customized prediction models within hours, using automated machine learning or AutoML, without the need for coding or the involvement of digital scientists or AI experts. 

AI won't replace digital marketers, but it will certainly revolutionize the way they work. For those who are used to lengthy and expensive data crunching and customer journey creation, this new technology will enable them to use predictive analytics and predict the next best actions to personalize their efforts and improve results. It will also create recommendations for future campaigns. 

When JAI is adopted as part of the marketing process, users are able to instantly create AI-enhanced models and get algorithms designed specifically for each business and particular industry so they can automate their marketing efforts at scale. 

How does Relay42’s AI module work?

The JAI module utilizes a generic trainer so the user can build models based on the available data. The metrics get generated every time a model is trained, re-trained, and deployed. This makes each one highly transparent, agile, accurate, and easy to deploy. As a result, JAI empowers marketing teams to simplify their tasks, turbo-charge their efforts, be more cost and time-efficient, and enjoy a quicker time to market.

Like ChatGPT is set to save marketers hundreds of hours of time (just look on LinkedIn for 5 minutes and you’ll find interesting use cases), JAI will make AI accessible and easy for digital marketers and non-technical people to inject into customer experiences too. In short, it's a complete game-changer. 

Get ready for AI marketing! 
The new Journey AI module is currently available to test by customers who are ready to implement this highly mature marketing capability.

To register your interest or find out how JAI can help with your marketing, reach out to us at Relay42 and get ready to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

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