Case Study: How AIS Enhances Customer Intimacy with Data-Driven Marketing

How AIS Enhances Customer Intimacy with Data-Driven Marketing


About the company

AIS (Advanced Info Service) is Thailand's largest mobile phone operator, with a market share of 48%, serving over 41 million customers across the country.
The global mission of AIS is to enhance people’s lives by delivering superior products and improving customer intimacy through the best customer experience.

For the marketing team of AIS, this means they need a solution that will empower them to provide the most optimal customer experience through their marketing channels. 

In 2019 they chose Relay42 to help them personalize their messaging across the entire customer journey.


Leading a competitive market

Operating in a highly competitive industry like Telecom means that in order to maintain their leadership position, AIS needs to be innovative and highly effective in their marketing efforts. With new emerging technologies and a target demographic that continuously explores new platforms and devices, AIS must be able to reach its audience through both traditional and new channels.

Unifying online behavior and CRM data

The first challenge that the AIS marketing team wanted to tackle was to collect online events from a lot of different web domains and unify them with known customer information.

Integrating paid media and owned channels

The second priority for the team was to enable search, display, social media platforms, as well as SMS and PUSH systems as marketing channels in the customer journey.

Owned channels offer a high reach and low costs, however, as legacy systems, they were not integrated with the marketing stack and were only triggered by a backend system that was linked to the CRM database.


First, the Relay42 solutions consulting team helped the marketing team of AIS to configure data collection across all domains. With the Relay42 platform, AIS can recognize customers online and capture their preferences and behavior.

The team also imported offline CRM data in order to create a complete 360-degree customer view

Connecting legacy systems

Then, the Relay42 technical consulting team took up the challenge to develop a custom server-to-server connector with AIS' legacy SMS and PUSH systems. Thanks to these connectors, the marketing team was able to add SMS and PUSH as channels in the customer journey.

Having these channels connected means that a personalized message can be triggered by interactions that occur on any of the AIS marketing channels: website, owned and paid media, CRM, or a combination of them.

With all channels fully integrated, AIS is now able to deliver on its promise to use technology in order to enhance customer intimacy through providing the most personalized and relevant customer experience.


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