On-Demand Webinar: How CMOs are preparing for a Cookieless World

On-Demand Webinar: How CMOs are preparing for a Cookieless World

Watch our most recent live webinar where we unveiled the key findings from our Global Survey 'Rethinking Digital Marketing in a Post-Cookie Era', commissioned by Relay42 and conducted by London Research. The report is based on responses from 319 CMOs and reveals how well-prepared brands are for the challenge of adapting to this new cookieless world.

Watch the webinar on-demand to get first-hand insights on:

  • How marketing teams are adjusting their acquisition strategies for a cookieless advertising future;
  • The foundational capabilities that high-performing digital marketing teams need to thrive in a cookieless world;
  • How businesses are leveraging zero- and first-party data in preparation for the loss of third-party data;
  • The kind of solutions that businesses experiment with in order to prepare for a cookieless future;
  • Best practices for tackling the cookieless future, and much, much more. 

Additionally, you’ll also get a first look at our NEW 5-stage Digital Marketing Maturity Model, which you can use as a framework for mapping your capabilities for customer data insights, journey mapping, personalization, activation (paid and owned), and attribution.