Customer Journey Template Library


Travel journeys 

Activate Dormant Customers

Breate new life into your customer marketing activities.
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Flight Search Retargeting Owned/Partner Website

Leverage retargeting spend on owned and 3rd party sites.  
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Ancillary Upsell

Increase upsells with personalization across the entire customer journey. 
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Flight Search Retargeting Website or App

Create different retargeting journeys for known/unknown customers. 
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Room Booking

Leverage social and email to increase hotel bookings. 
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Flight Search

Follow up on flight queries through social and email.  
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Finance Journeys 

First Buyer Mortgage Campaign

Nurture your first-time home buyers throughout the entire funnel. 
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Finance Upsell

Slightly more complex journey to nurture your finance customers. 
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Telco and Utilities Journeys

Contract Renewal

This omnichannel journey reaches current mobile phone customers where it matters most to them. 
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Mobile Contract Renewal + Data Upsell

Help your mobile phone customers get even more out of your services. 
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Smart Meter Upsell with AI

Upsell to your utilities customers on the right channel — every time. 
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Improve CR Based on personalized landing page

Get started with this personalized 8-step retail journey. 
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Activate Dormant customers

Inspire past customers to revisit your brand and products! 
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