How an ID Management Strategy Yielded an 85% Retention Rate of User Profiles


Our 2020 customer conference was focused on helping marketers prepare their digital strategies for a  world without 3rd-party cookies. As part of this topic, we invited our partners from Tapad, a global leader in digital identity resolution.

In this fireside chat, our UK lead Kunal Jogia, and Tom Rolph, VP International at Tapad, discuss in detail what marketers should be watching out for in order to build a solid cross-device identity resolution.

And of course, they also talk about the impact that the loss of the 3rd-party cookie will have on digital marketing - according to Tom, the future brings exciting opportunities:

"The digital ecosystem is currently in the middle of its biggest ever evolution. Moving towards a cookieless world is scary but embracing it will give marketers more control and greater freedom."

Watch the video and get first-hand insights about: 

  • Tapad’s ID-management approach and their global, privacy-safe cross-device graph.
  • The most common challenges that marketers face with regards to first-party data, and how to turn them into business opportunities. 
  • A travel case study: how Tapad’s ID-management strategy yielded an 85% retention rate of user profiles.

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