How can Airline Marketers Manage Flight Disruptions Effectively?


The airline industry is full of unexpected disruptions - from weather delays to mechanical issues. Additionally, passengers may also experience personal issues such as missing connecting flights or trouble with their luggage. Events like these can be a major headache for passengers, and airlines must act quickly to reduce the impact.
So, how can airlines improve and personalize communication during disruptions? 

In this video, our Strategy Consultant Richard Jonkhof explains how a Customer Data Platform (CDP) enables airline marketers to automatically personalize passenger communication in real time and improve the customer experience during flight disruptions.

How can airline marketers manage flight disruptions effectively?


A CDP provides marketers with data about passengers and their preferences, which they can use to identify customers and communicate in real time. 

For example, when a passenger faces a disruption, marketers can pause all active marketing campaigns.
Additionally, the CDP can be used to set up automated flows that will send personalized follow-ups and provide tailored offers based on preferences, history, and needs. 

This way, airlines can effectively manage disruptions, improve customer satisfaction and drive loyalty.
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