How Retail marketers acquire more customers with a CDP


Looking to create a personalized and engaging experience for your retail customers? 

In today's digital age, there are many challenges that retailers face in creating a personalized experience for their customers. But with the help of Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), retail marketers can integrate multiple touchpoints and data sources to target the right customers and create a deeper engagement that leads to loyalty.

In this video, our founder Tomas Salfischberger shares how CDPs can help retailers to lower the cost of acquisition, understand their customers better, personalize the information and media they receive, and ultimately deepen the engagement to create a complete and satisfying experience for their customers.

How Retail marketers acquire more customers with a CDP

So how can CDPs help retailers?

A CDP will allow you to:

  1. Lower the cost of customer acquisition by finding and targeting potential customers with the right mix of products, at the right time, in the way most likely to lead to a sale.

  2. Create a better understanding of each customer by connecting disparate data points from different sources into a meaningful picture of each customer as an individual.

  3. Deepen the customers' engagement with genuinely authentic messaging that speaks personally to each customer’s desires and motivations while being present at key touchpoints across different media to take advantage of every sales opportunity.

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