How to Unleash the Power of Data to Boost Customer Acquisition


As part of the program of our annual 2020 customer event for the APAC region, we invited Chawana Keeratiyutamonkul, Managing Director of CJ WORX Group, Thailand’s largest independent agency and one of the most awarded agencies in Asia. With more than 14 years of experience, Chawana has worked with over 500 brands and has been leading the agency’s shift from being purely a creative agency towards becoming ever more data-driven.

In this fireside chat, Jan Willem and Chawana discuss the importance of investing in an omnichannel strategy, and the business value of activating data to reach the right audience.

Topics they're covering include:  

  • How the perception of data has evolved and how data can be activated for customer acquisition.
  • Why companies should invest in building their own channels and avoid heavily focusing on external platforms.
  • What Chawana considers to be the biggest challenges that businesses face when it comes to activating their first-party data.
  • How companies can look beyond their existing channels and build a holistic data ecosystem.
  • The measured value of personalized, data-driven communication.
    Spoiler alert: with Relay42, CJ WORX yielded 84% decrease in cost per lead within one month after implementation. 

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