How Utilities marketers increase customer loyalty


Are you striving to create meaningful and lasting relationships with your utility customers?

For marketers in Utilities, building customer loyalty is key to long-term success. Loyal customers are more likely to continue using their services, even when faced with competitive offers or market changes.

In this video, our Customer Success Manager Marion Traa shares how Customer Data Platforms help marketers in the utilities to deepen customer engagement and increase customer lifetime value.

How Utilities marketers increase customer loyalty

So how can CDPs help Utilities?

A CDP allows the marketing team to unify customer data and personalize the communication on all touchpoints at the right moment. For example by proactively communicating with customers on a fixed-term contract with an approaching end date. 

By simply making existing customers aware of their expiring contract and offering them a personalized deal rewarding their loyalty you demonstrate that you are anticipating their needs. 

Being proactive will allow you to not only increase the customer's lifetime value but will also save you costs on call center agents.

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