Video: Two big impacts from the loss of third-party cookies


What are the big impacts caused by the demise of third-party cookies?

With the removal of third-party cookies, we'll see two areas with a big impact:

  1. Targeting - whether that's third-party audiences, retargeting, or any individual targeting.
  2. Web analytics - measuring the performance of your campaigns, especially on a broader scope.

Discover how you can mitigate the efffects of the cookieless world in your digital marketing efforts.

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The two key impacts from the loss of third-party cookies

What are the first steps that every B2C digital marketing team can take to prepare for the loss of third-party data? 

  1. Assess your current marketing funnel;
  2. Analyze the impact at each stage of the funnel;
  3. Explore alternative technologies to integrate at each funnel stage (ID providers, Protected Audience APIs, data clean rooms, AI).

Bonus tip: Strategize on maximizing first-party data utilization to eliminate media waste.

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