Data Management for Airlines Data Management for Airlines

Data Management for Airlines

Every airline wants 100% fill rate, without lowering margins.

But it’s also about delivering the right service to the passenger – and making it personal. By using a next-generation data management solution to connect and orchestrate Revenue Management Systems, with CRM, loyalty programs, social media, website, mobile app and more, you can go beyond expectations. Send a relevant message, to the right person, for the right flight, at that key moment – before they look elsewhere.

Imagine Ms Jones is browsing for flights to Paris on your website, and is a member of your loyalty program. You wait one week, then you use smart, cross-channel orchestration to retarget with a personalized offer via email – her next-best-channel.

With a special deal just for her, at an optimum time, she books a ticket. When Ms Jones checks in on the mobile app, she receives an ancillary offer based on her preferences. She opts for extra legroom, of course.

Welcome to a world of aviation marketing, powered by Intelligent Orchestration.

Provide personalized passenger service in real-time, through data which takes off:

  • Integrate every channel, using your own customer data
  • See clearly with a single customer view, and create actionable insights
  • Make your media budget go the extra miles
  • Maximize your margins with real-time ancillary upsell

The Relay42 Intelligent Orchestration Platform

Relay42 is a next-generation data management solution for airlines, the only platform with integrated Artificial Intelligence and Orchestration that helps brands anticipate and address customer needs, wherever they go. Our Intelligent Orchestration Platform transforms your data into meaningful relationships by connecting internal & external data, and activating it on every channel, each touchpoint, and any smart device.

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Whitepaper: Top real-time customer acquisition tips for marketers

Whitepaper: Top real-time customer acquisition tips for marketers

Our whitepaper is a marketer's window seat into real-time customer acquisition. Inside, find a practical, transferable guide to preventing wasted resources, through smart data management.