Data Management for Airlines Data Management for Airlines

Data Management for Airlines

Every airline wants 100% fill rate, without lowering margins.

But it’s also about delivering the right service to the passenger – and making it personal. By using a DMP to connect Revenue Management Systems, with CRM, loyalty programmes, social media, website, mobile app and more, you can go beyond expectations. Send a relevant message, to the right person, for the right flight, at that key moment – before they look elsewhere.

Imagine Ms Jones is browsing for flights to Paris on your website, and is a member of your loyalty programme. You wait one week, then you use cross-device identification to re-target with a personalised offer via email – her next-best-channel. With a special deal just for her, at an optimum time, she books a ticket. When Ms Jones checks in on the mobile app, she receives an ancillary offer based on her preferences. She opts for extra legroom, of course.

Welcome to a world with a smart data management strategy.

Provide personalised passenger service in real time, through data which takes off:

  • Integrate every channel, using your own customer data
  • See clearly with a single customer view, and create actionable insights
  • Make your media budget go the extra miles
  • Maximise your margins with real-time ancillary upsell


Whitepaper: How to fill an aeroplane

Whitepaper: How to fill an aeroplane

Our whitepaper is a travel marketer's window seat into real-time customer acquisition. Inside, find a practical, transferable guide to preventing empty aeroplanes and wasted resources, through smart Data Management.