Data Management for Finance Data Management for Finance

Data Management for Finance

As a finance marketer, you know it’s time to not only unify your wealth of data, but also use it in a smarter way.

If Mr Morris already has a savings account, why wouldn’t you stop showing him ads for the same product? Time to personalize outreach through enriched customer profiles, and orchestrate your outreach based on customer value.

Another example; car loans. Using our next-generation Data Management Platform (DMP), you can digest your own data to take credit history into consideration, and use integrated Artificial Intelligence to target the right customers. You can show offers only to the people who are eligible, and optimize your media spend.

And compliance? Our privacy policy is so strict, Relay42 is the only data management solution with tag management not blocked by leading adblockers uBlock and Adblock Plus.

Increase customer value, with compliance in mind

  • Serve ads to eligible consumers, and eliminate wasted digital resources
  • Protect your data with a data management hub designed for compliance
  • Retrieve and activate your data from Google and Facebook across your entire marketing landscape
  • Upsell using the right messages to the highest value customers, at the right moment, to see customer retention soar.


The Relay42 Intelligent Orchestration Platform

Relay42 is a next-generation data management solution for Financial Services Providers, the only platform with integrated Artificial Intelligence and Orchestration that helps brands anticipate and address customer needs, wherever they go. Our Intelligent Orchestration Platform transforms your data into meaningful relationships by connecting internal & external data, and activating it on every channel, each touchpoint, and any smart device.

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Whitepaper: How to upgrade customers through valuable data

Whitepaper: How to upgrade customers through valuable data

Digital transformation is shaping a whole new standard for many industries, and marketers need to rise to it. Learn how you can meet consumers’ ever-changing needs.