Relay42 Introduces Profile View Feature


Marketers have a lot going on. They work hard to create customer-centric journeys that offer a positive experience and drive results. Proving the effectiveness of that work can be a challenge, however, especially if the technology behind the processes is a black box. 

That was the driving force behind the newest feature of the Relay42 platform: Profile Views. Relay42 helps marketers unify 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data, and then activate that data across online and offline touchpoints to create personalized customer journeys in real time. 

What's included in the new profile feature?

Our answer is the new Profile View feature. It offers 4 new tabs full of data and insights directly available to all Relay42 users: 

  1. Audiences: See the user groups to which an individual belongs based on their behavior. E.g.: Search for a product they don't already have without converting, or perhaps they are now classified as a dormant customer (e.g. one who hasn't converted in 12 weeks), or even based events coming from CRM or offline activity such as offline conversion or call center complaint. 
  2. Mappings: Relay42's advanced ID management solution is now visible to marketers. In this tab, you will see all identifiers mapped to a profile e.g. CRM ID, hashed email, hashed phone number, Relay42 cookie ID, DSP cookie ID, Facebook cookie ID, etc. Mappings are essentially all of the identifiers used to build this view of the customer or prospect. 
  3. Journeys: Easily identify where any user is within a specific journey and exactly what step they are in, with hyperlinks through to the journey (same for audiences).
  4. Facts: See the CRM data you have for a specific user, as well as AI recommendations that are generated for that individual — all directly in the Relay42 platform. 

It was the collaborative process behind this feature that really allowed the Relay42 development team to get it up and running quickly. 

"Based on feedback from Relay42 customers, developers worked with tech consultancy to define the scope and understand what was most important for our customers to see," says Razvan Vacaru, Software Engineer at Relay42. "This was an essential part of the process because there is so much data you could potentially show, we want to be sure we're showing insights that are useful to users, without replacing their existing analytics tools. So the goal was to provide the details that would be most important and helpful to them." 

Why is the profile view feature important for Relay42 users? 

"The most important thing to understand about this feature is that it's not about generating new revenue, per se, but about making the platform less of a black box," explains Hailey Shutkowski, Head of Pre-Sales at Relay42. 

Hailey is enthusiastic about the benefits this feature will offer current and future Relay42 users for a number of reasons. "There are a lot of things going on in the background of the platform with data that are very abstract. The Profile View feature brings that all together so marketers can get a better understanding of how profiles are built, along with the granularity of how data is captured. Not to mention it gives them real-time insights into the parts of the journey a specific profile is in."

What are the biggest benefits Profile View in a nutshell?

The feature offers a sense check on whether your journeys are working the way you want them to. 

  • It makes Intelligent Journey Orchestration more tangible for marketers
  • It simplifies the process for marketers to run analytics or queries and review profile data.
  • It offers ease of mind. More data transparency gives everyone using the platform the ability to doublecheck their processes, as well as extract new learnings for future journeys. 

This last part is a big one according to Hailey. "I've seen the lack of transparency in martech platforms in general keeping some companies from taking the leap from traditional machine learning (where you can really understand how the model works) to deep learning algorithms where billions of data points are processed and you don't necessarily know the exact logic behind a prediction. It's the optimal collaboration between machines and humans."   

Machine learning should make individualized decisions and enable marketers to control how and when technology should be applied/used. Marketers of the future want to be intensely data-driven to be successful, and in order to achieve this, they need to be able to access all of the data themselves. 

The Relay42 Profile View feature empowers individual marketers to take the reins without relying on analysts or IT, and that's definitely something worth celebrating. 

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