1-on-1 With Relay42 Customer Event Recap 2019


On 26 September over sixty Relay42 customers gathered in Amsterdam for a day full of collaboration, inspiration and workshops.

The theme of the event was 1-on-1 With Relay42: From Campaigns to Customer Journeys, and our goals were two-fold:

  1. Offer Relay42 customers exclusive tips and best practices for taking their customer journeys to the next level with our platform, focusing on moving from audience-based targeting to real-time personalization on an individual level.
  2. Create a community where our customers can get together and learn from not only from us but from each other.  

Forrester Principal Analyst on the importance of journey orchestration

The day began with coffee (as all the best days do) and a presentation from Forrester VP, Principal Analyst Joana de Quintanilha. Titled “Secrets to Journey Orchestration Success,” her presentation was packed with valuable advice on how to break down silos, collaborate across teams and departments, prioritize use cases and create a future-proof journey orchestration strategy.

Her main takeaway? Marketing and CX are changing fast, and journey orchestration is both the catalyst and the key. Businesses that truly prioritize their customers and customer journeys must realize the urgency and begin to adopt journey orchestration as a key part of their marketing and customer experience strategy.

Relay42 Customers in the Spotlight

After Joana’s talk, we heard from three Relay42 customers who have been making waves in their industry with journey orchestration.  

ING: Right message, right time, right device.

Rogier van Driezum, Customer Journey Expert at ING spoke to us about ING’s mission to empower customers throughout their online and offline journeys at all times through 6 key steps:

  1. Learn what data can do for you
  2. Collect data
  3. Campaign
  4. Personalize
  5. Orchestrate
  6. Improve offline channels with online data

Mazda empowers dealerships with data

Next, Robert Vonk, Manager of Online Marketing & Data at Mazda took the stage to tell us how Mazda in the Netherlands is activating Mazda dealerships by sharing customer data directly with them. Not only has this helped strengthen internal bonds through increased collaboration, but it has also helped the dealerships optimize the customer journey through increased personalization and relevance.

For more from Robert and Mazda’s story with Relay42, check out this video from the event.

Eneco automates customer-driven journeys

Finally, Joost Vroonhof, Manager of Marketing Intelligence at Eneco talked to us about how his team of 25 data and marketing specialists has been using the Relay42 platform to take a customer-driven approach to marketing. He explained how using the platform to automate more of the customer journey has made it possible to go from product-driven to customer-driven, and to increase relevance through better personalization.

Learn more about Eneco’s digital transformation story in this video.

Breakout sessions with Relay42 consultants

After presentations, it was time for some workshopping with Relay42 consultants!

Journey orchestration fundamentals

Dick took attendees through the process of moving from audience-based campaigns to 1-to-1 customer journeys with the help of journey orchestration. If you’re curious what this could look like, check out our online journey visualization tool.

Evaluating use case ROI

Knowing if your use case positively or negatively impacted your audience is one of the hardest things to measure, and that’s why this session with Neil was all about learning practical methods for choosing micro and/or macro KPIs to effectively evaluate and optimize the ROI of each use case.

Best practices for setting up use cases

Continuously deploying new use cases successfully can be quite a challenge for many organizations. That’s why Tim’s session was created with the goal to help attendees optimize the way they generate and prioritize use cases. He also sent them home with some practical tips on how to maximize their impact and success within their organization.


Relay42’s vision for 2020

Finally, Relay42 CEO Rogier van Nieuwenhuizen finished off the day with a look at the future of Relay42, including our 2020 strategy and product roadmap.

Drinks & Networking

The day ended with drinks, snacks and lots of chatting about use cases, marketing, and customer journey orchestration. It's a unique opportunity to be in a room filled with smart, future-forward, data-driven marketers from such vastly different industries who are all working on improving their customer journey with the help of data and journey orchestration. The excitement was palpable and it was inspiring to watch new relationships being built between businesses and individuals. 

We are truly privileged as a company to be able to work with such amazing customers, and we can't wait to get everyone together again soon!

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