Customer Journey Visualization Tool


Build journey from scratch      Build journey from template      


Plan and map journeys across online and offline channels and touchpoints.


Stop thinking in siloed campaigns and build a connected customer experience.


Use industry templates to explore potential journeys together.

No need to bother with the whiteboard, no reason to fight with PowerPoint, and no need to fill up landfills with more wasted post-it notes. Our journey visualization tool makes it easy to map out any customer journey directly in your internet browser. Start from scratch or choose a template, and when you’re done, email a link to yourself and your colleagues to save it for later and collaborate. 

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The importance of a customer-led journey

Journey visualization is a great tool for businesses and teams who want to get a better idea of how their customers might be interacting with and experiencing their product, brand and service. Most brands today juggle a huge range of online and offline channels; journey visualization tools help them get it all into context and determine where they should offer what, and how. When visualizing a customer journey, it’s important to keep in mind that most journeys are not linear, nor do they occur within a regular timeline.

Rather than smoothly bouncing from one touchpoint to the next, the process is more likely to happen in spurts, with longer lengths of time in between. And that’s ok. It just means your customers are out there living life in between interacting with your brand.

Build journey from scratch

How to visualize your customer journey

Step 1: Start with your goal

What is the definition of done? What makes your journey a success?

Step 2: Determine your persona

Who do you imagine going through the journey you’re about to build? It’s important to know who you’re trying to reach, so you can determine which channels and messages will be most appealing to them.

Step 3: Choose your channels

Which channels will appeal the most to your customer during which stage? Effective omnichannel journeys include a variety of online and offline touchpoints, from email and social media to call center and brick-and-mortar locations.

Step 4: Map your journey

Time to put yourself in your customer’s shoes! Experiment with different options for getting them where they’re trying to go.

Step 5: Collaborate and optimize

Share with colleagues and improve the journey by allowing them to provide feedback, or even edit the journey directly.

Start with an industry-specific template

Looking for some customer journey inspiration? Try starting out with an industry-specific template. These are built around the primary challenges and KPIs that businesses are facing in offering customer-centric omnichannel journeys.


But a customer journey is more than a map

Mapping out your journeys is just the start. With Intelligent Journey Orchestration software like Relay42, you can activate and automate customer journeys in real time, and then scale them with AI.

Schedule a demo to see how Relay42 can transform your customer journey maps into unique, personalized journeys that adjust themselves in real time and span your entire range of channels and touchpoints.

No more guesswork — just pure, data-driven decision making.

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