First-Party Data: A Matter of Survival


In this video Kevin Cheung, Director Data & Consulting, and Serene Tan, Regional Director, Media & Activation at Artefact APAC present in-depth insights on the role of first-party data for digital transformation and share practical examples of successful data-driven strategies by global brands.
Watch the video to learn about:

  • The most important factors driving businesses to shift towards first-party data.
  • The maturity of CRM strategies — from PII accumulation to driving smarter consumer engagement and scalable conversion. Find out where your business is in this maturity model.
  • The disappearance of third-party data and the implications for marketers. 
  • The role of first-party data in digital transformation.
  • How businesses use first-party data to create a single customer view and leverage the insights to build customer loyalty.
  • Artefact's three-step process to help you start building your digital transformation strategy.

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