How can Airlines Maximize the Passenger Load Factor?


Airlines face stiff competition, and maximizing the passenger load factor is essential for profitability.
So, how can airline marketers help fill their planes?

In this video, our Strategy Consultant Richard Jonkhof explains how a Customer Data Platform (CDP) enables airline marketers to create automatic data-driven customer journeys that bring passengers to flights with a lower PLF.

How can Airlines Maximize the Passenger Load Factor?

So how can Customer Data Platforms help Airlines?

With a CDP, Airlines can target customers who are most likely to book a flight, focusing on flights with a low passenger load factor.

A CDP collects customer data from various sources, giving marketers a comprehensive view of their customers and their behavior. When combined with a load factor feed, they can craft personalized offers for the right person at the right time.
For example, customers that show interest in a specific destination can be retargeted with offers in the chosen date range to the same destination, but emphasizing flights with a lower load factor to boost profitability on that route.
This targeted approach can increase the likelihood that a customer will book the suggested flight, ultimately raising the load factor and profitability.
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