How can Airlines Personalize the Customer Experience for Every Passenger?


While passengers on the same flight might have the same destination, they probably have little else in common. Passengers have different reasons for travel, seat preferences, budgets, and in-flight purchases.
So how can airline marketers understand the needs of each customer and personalize their experience?
In this video, our Strategy Consultant Richard Jonkhof explains how a Customer Data Platform (CDP) with strong identity management enables airline marketers to gain deep insights into the needs and preferences of their passengers and provide relevant communication on all channels and devices.

How can Airlines personalize the customer experience for every passenger?

So how can Customer Data Platforms help Airlines?

A Customer Data Platform with strong identity management can help airlines to understand their customers on a personal level.
It can capture all relevant customer characteristics, segment customers based on their profile, and present them with the right message, through the right channel, at the right moment. For instance, a relevant price offer, a seat upsell, or additional luggage.
Marketers can build automated personalizations throughout the customer journey using all profile variables and customer interests.
If you would like to learn more about how Customer Data Platforms can help airline marketing teams, get in touch and book a demo with our team.